Benefício Pedra Branca, Brazil

Benefício Pedra Branca is a coffee buying & processing centre located in the municipality of Pedralva. The farm itself comprises a coffee producing area (which is still managed by their farming partners - not by the company), large permanent environmental preservation areas and the processing plant which is a property of Carmo coffees.

Benefício Pedra Branca, Carmo coffees also invest in the innovation of processing methods which result in cups with unique and exquisite attributes and great cupping scores.

This is where they develop most of their new processes, processing methods, experiences and generate much of their excellence in post-harvest processes in brazil. Their goal is to push forward the limits of the coffee culture in brazil and are really proud to say that they’ve been successful in this task.

Carmo coffees has a deep concern about their environmental impact and consider the quality of life of their farming partners. Their goal is to stimulate them to keep living in their lands, offering study opportunities for their children or for themselves and to remain focused on their production quality.

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