Ethiopia Chelbesa
Ethiopia Chelbesa
Ethiopia Chelbesa
Ethiopia Chelbesa
Ethiopia Chelbesa
Ethiopia Chelbesa

Ethiopia Chelbesa

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Located in Gedeo Zone of the Gedeb District, Chelbesa is one of the finest coffee producing areas within the famous Gedeb Woreda. Known for it's densely layered semi-forest vegetation structure, encompassed by shade grown coffee trees. Chelbesa is a great example coffee growing Agro-Ecology. The fermentation tanks of the wet mill are all ceramic. By using this material it holds heat for a longer period of time. Speeding up the fermentation process, which in turn helps bring great clarity to the coffees they process. This is our fourth year purchasing from this region, we looking forward to it every year.

Flavour Notes:
Bergamot • Strawberries • Lemon





Light Roast/ Filter Brewing Method
1:17-18 Ratio

17.5g coffee: 300g Water
3-4 minutes Brew Time
95 degree Water Temperature

Your order will be roasted and dispatched in the next 2 business days or earlier if stock is available.

Farmgate AUD/KG: $11.35
FOB AUD/KG: $14.15
Exportation Partner: SNAP Coffee
Instance Of Purchase: 4th Year

why is transparency important?

As a small business, we pride ourselves on supporting our coffee producers, ensuring a more sustainable income and lifestyle for their families and communities. We believe presenting the prices we pay for our coffee adds to an ongoing industry movement of transparency and accountability and in doing so, helps ensure the sustainability of the industry we love.

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