Brazil Fazenda Sertão
Brazil Fazenda Sertão
Brazil Fazenda Sertão
Brazil Fazenda Sertão
Brazil Fazenda Sertão
Brazil Fazenda Sertão

Brazil Fazenda Sertão

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Located above 1,100 masl, Fazenda Sertão has an average annual temperature of 18 degrees. Crops are planted specifically on top of the of hillside where slopes sit at a 50% gradient. This is important to avoid frost, common in the region in winter. Due to this intentional positioning, the cherries ripen more consistently and plants are protected from disease. Producer Nazareth Dias Pereira & Family run the farm which also plants bananas, corn and has dairy livestock. Another generational coffee farmer, Nazareth's four children Francisco, Luiz Paulo, Glycia and Sandra work on their farm alongside their grandchildren.

Flavour Notes:
Choc Brownie • Red Fruits • Citrus

Natural Fermented

Yellow Bourbon

Carmo De Minas, MG

Minas Gerais

Medium Roast / Espresso Brewing Method
Starting point recipe

1:3 ratio
19g dose:57g yield in 20g VST basket
24-28 seconds
94 degree water temperature

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