The O.G Blend
The O.G Blend
The O.G Blend
The O.G Blend
The O.G Blend
The O.G Blend
The O.G Blend
The O.G Blend

The O.G Blend

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The idea behind the O.G Blend is to give you a coffee that is soluble. A lower acidity and bolder cup. Ethiopia Refissa offers a fruity top note whilst our new favourites Brazil Fazenda Sertão Farm and Brazil Santa Ines Farm gives creamy chocolate mouthfeel that runs the line from start to finish. Enjoyed with milk or black. 

We always aim to support our producers long term. With the goal to increase the quality of production through farmer training, improved agricultural practices and providing the latest information on sustainable farming. We do this by paying our producers some of the highest returns for their coffee as directly as possible. We strongly believe in establishing a transparent, trust-based relationship with smallholder farmers. Helping to support sustained industry growth as best as we can.

Flavour Notes: 

Fudge Brownie • Strawberry • Cream

Origin: Ethiopia - Refissa
Brazil - Fazenda Sertão Farm
Brazil - Santa Ines Farm


Wolisho, Kurume, Yellow Bourbon, Red Bourbon


Washed And Natural

Medium Roast/ Espresso Brewing Method
Starting point recipe

94 degree water temperature
1:3 ratio
20g VST basket

20g dose 45-50g yield in
25-30 seconds

18.5g dose:55g yield in 20g
24-28 seconds

We roast every Monday and Tuesday (not including Public Holidays). We pack and send every Tuesday, Wednesday. All orders placed between Thursday and Monday are dispatched the next week to make sure when the coffee arrives it is a fresh as possible.

Refissa - Washed
FOB- $11.19 AUD/KG Farmgate- $9.24 AUD/KG

Fazenda Sertão Farm (Yellow Bourbon) Natural
FOB- $6.23 AUD/KG Farmgate- $4.98 AUD/KG

Santa Ines Farm (Red Bourbon) Natural
FOB- $7.27 AUD/KG Farmgate- $6.07 AUD/KG